The Ataraxic Mind

        Salutes First Responders for their Sacrifice and Heroism.

We thank Physicians, Mental Health Professionals, Nurses, Para-medics, Lab Scientists, Members of Firefighters, Law Enforcement, City/State and Public Health Officials, Volunteers, and all Hard Working Parents.

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Dear Healthcare providers,

The American Psychological Association (APA) just published an article titled "Self-care advice for health-care providers during COVID-19", (Coons, H., Berkowitz, S., & Davis, R., March 2020). 

It is important to realize that you are working in an unusually stressful and rapidly paced work environment. And as you know, the human body and mind usually don't forget. The harm may not be immediate, but will inevitably be manifested later. Therefore, these are the times to engage in harm control. So what can be done? You will need to be your own doctor and patient, in a none simultaneous manner, but successively. Monitor yourself for fatigue, sleep deprivation, for the uncertainty associated with health outcomes, dealing with endless emergent situations, and the expectations that comes with being a health professional. For advice and suggestions regarding how to reduce stress and the effects of physical distancing, please click on the link below.



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