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Psychological and Neuropsychological Fitness-For-Duty Evaluation (FFDE)

A psychological FFDE is a formal, specialized examination of an incumbent employee that results from (1) objective evidence that the employee may be unable to safely or effectively perform a defined job and (2) a reasonable basis for believing that the cause may be attributable to a psychological condition or impairment. 

                                                                            (, 2013)


The central purpose of an FFDE is to determine whether the employee is able to safely and effectively perform his or her essential job functions. 

Dr. Pilavian has expertise in Psychological Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations. Services may be rendered with a wide range of occupations, such as healthcare professionals who are facing board sanctions, law-enforcement officers, firefighters, teachers, and other employees in safety-sensitive positions. Dr. Pilavian conducts psychological and neuropsychological FFDEs. Neuropsychological FFDE is employed in cases where the employee claims to suffer from an industrial injury that involves the central nervous system (CNS) and the brain. Typically, head injuries caused by fall accidents, falling objects, electrocution, and chemical solvents that are known to cause harm to human CNS.  


My almost three-decades-long experiences in neuropsychological evaluations and assessment of psychopathology is a unique asset that has the advantage of arriving at thorough and accurate determinations about the employee's capacity to perform the essential duties of her or his position. For more information pertaining to examiner's qualifications and FFDEs of Law Enforcement Officers and Public Safety, please press the button below.

Dr. Pilavian also provides an evaluation of work-related injuries: Cognitive and Emotional.

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