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Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluations

Clinical Neuropsychology is a specialty field within clinical psychology, dedicated to understanding the relationships between brain and behavior, particularly as these relationships can be applied to the diagnosis of brain disorder, assessment of cognitive and behavioral functioning and the design of effective treatment.

A neuropsychologist should have a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in clinical psychology and a post-doctoral fellowship or residency in neuropsychology. A strong background in neuropathology, neuroanatomy, cognitive psychology, and clinical psychology is required per standard guidelines of Division 40; Clinical Neuropsychology Division of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Dr. Pilavian has been conducting neuropsychological evaluations for 27 years. Areas of special interest are the following: Memory and learning impairments, attention deficit, information processing speed, sensory and perceptual dysfunctions, working memory, and executive dysfunctions. 

In addition, Civil and Testamentary Capacity Evaluations are offered. To learn more please press the button below. 

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